Periodic Inspection Reports

It is recommended that electrical installations are inspected and tested periodically as appropriate to their use and environment to verify compliance with the National Rules for Electrical Installations – ET101.

A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is intended to identify the condition of an electrical installation, be it good or bad.

Following the periodic inspection and testing of an installation, a schedule of the following shall be compiled:

  1. All defects, damage, deterioration of equipment or wiring, and the potential hazards from any non-compliance with the National Rules for Electrical Installations.
  2. Recommendations for necessary consequential remedial work.

It is company policy to carry out all testing with care been taken not to interfere with the business been inspected. Where required special equipment is used to insure the continuity of services (eg hospitals) throughout the testing process while also satisfying inspection requirements. The following equipment is used

  • MFT1731 Multifunction Tester
  • Thermal imaging tester
  • Ultrasound scan

And other test instrument dictated by the installation